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    Hog roast faqs

    spit roastDo you bring the hog part cooked?
    No - for health and safety reasons we cook on-site.

    What about food standards / hygiene?
    We have our own hand-washing facilities. All our staff are qualified in food hygiene. We are registered with and annually inspected by Macclesfield Borough Council.

    What if I can't decide whether to have a carvery or a hog roast?
    The important thing is to book the date. Summer weekends get booked up early- the menu can be confirmed nearer the time.

    What do I need to provide?
    For a spit/hog roast we will need an area of 10ft sq and our cooking equipment needs to be set up on a level area. Ideally we would also have a 13 amp power supply but if this is unavailable we have our own generator. We would discuss this with you when you contact us.

    Do you have insurance?
    hog roasted pork in a bun from macclesfield hog roast Yes. We have full public liability insurance for £1 million.

    Do you cook the hog from raw on site?
    Yes, it would be illegal and a big health risk to prepare the hog roast any other way.

    How many people will one hog feed?
    100 to 200

    How long to prepare and cook the hog?
    We would generally require a 5-hour preparation period for major spit roast dishes.

    Do you need payment up-front?
    We shall be grateful for an up-front deposit - - please call for further information - you can pay by clicking on the paypal buy now button here



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